About App

FlikiT works on both Apple and Android mobile devices, so no matter which one you have you can share media files with others when you both are connected to wi-fi. Distance is no longer a problem when wanting to share images, videos or music with family, friends, and colleagues even when you are miles apart.

FlikiT allows you to add friends in numerous ways:

• Selected from your device‚Äôs contact list

• Imported from Facebook

• Added on-the-go when you meet someone new

First-time users will appreciate the one-time popups explaining how each screen in the app works. This is in addition to a full-screen instructional page that shows when you initially launch the app.

In FlikiT the leader of the session can allow participants of a session to save photos, images and videos to their own device. FlikiT, however, does not allow music to be saved due to copyright laws.

Watch your FlikiT family grow as the FlikiT Family Tree lets you see how many FlikiT friends you are responsible for. Invite all your friends, then watch how many friends they get because of you!